• We farm a second generation, sustainable, family farm on the south branch of the Shiawassee River nestled in the rolling hills of Shiawassee County.
  • We raise Berkshire and Chesterwhite breeds. Both are heritage breeds with exceptional flavor, dark colored meat and lots of marbling.
  • We provide for the humane treatment and the health and welfare of our animals. Our animals are crate free and always have access to fresh air.
  • Our animals eat all vegetarian food raised on our farm.
  • Our meat is grown without any antibiotics, hormones or additives and never contains added nitrates.
  • We use local, organic processors who use humane processing techniques.
  • We rank 1st in pork quality among 20 producers winning Organic Valley’s 2009 Best Pork Quality Award.
  • We sell a full line of pork in frozen, small portion, sealed packages as well as special order cuts.
  • You can buy Black Oak Pork at the Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market, Argus Farm Stop, Foods for Living & East Lansing Food Co-op.
  • Black Oak Pork is on the menu at The Chop House, The Quarter Bistro, Metzger’s, Frita Batido, Silvio’s Organic Pizza, & Grange.
  • We encourage you to place special orders to assure that you will have what you want.
  • We welcome you to visit our farm.

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